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《Mermaid Song》
January 9, 2006, 11:29 pm
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Mermaid Song

Sarah Khider

we could be together
everyday together

we could sit forever
as loving waves spill over

the moon is fully risen
and shines over the sea
as you glide in my vision
the time is standing still
don’t shy away too long
this is a boundless dream
come close to me my reason
I’ll take you in my wings

we could be together
everyday forever
we belong together
further seas and over

in the garden of the sea
I see you looking over
with my wistful melody
you leap into the water
it is no breaths sighing
this is the mermaid song
the singing of my sisters
the sea has drown for long

到google??,寻到了Lbebo的?,看到了关于《Mermaid Song》的一些介?。
传言《Mermaid Song》是??士广告中的歌曲。


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Hi I’m sarah khider, the Mermaid song’s singer. Nice to meet you. Come and visit, in few days it will be open.

Comment by sarah khider

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Comment by Gnom

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